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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Meet and Greet Parking?

Do my arrival and return times have to be exact?
We only require approximate arrival and return times, unless you are booking a meet and greet service. If you are booking a Meet and Greet car park we will need to time you wish to be met at the car park. Your return time will be confirmed at the car park when you return.

What if I need to change my car details?
It is not always necessary to inform us of changes to your car details. The majority of our featured car parks confirm your vehicle details as part of the check in process when you arrive at the car park.

Is the web site secure?
The booking process has been fully tested to ensure all transactions are secure. The purchase area of our site is secure; this means that we use industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology for the encryption of potentially sensitive information such as your name and address as well as critically sensitive information like your credit card details.

Can I make an airport parking booking for today?
Our booking checks real time availability so you can book any of the car parks displayed at any time. We would recommend you book as early as possible as some of the more popular car parks can become full.

What happens after I have completed a booking?
Once you complete a booking you will be displayed a booking confirmation, this will include your booking reference number and car park information such as directions and arrival procedures. We will also send an email confirmation with the same information.

Are directions to the car park included on my confirmation?
Yes, detailed directions are included in your email confirmation and on the booking confirmation page displayed at the end of the booking process.

At what point will the car park be informed of my booking?
Booking are sent to the car parks automatically 3 times a day. As we hold an allocation of spaces you can be guaranteed a space once you have a confirmed booking.

How can I contact you by phone, email or mail?
Our call centre contact details are:

Customer Services - Telephone 01702 60 60 68
Email -